About Us

About Gungroo Software

Gungroo Software builds safe ‘fun + learn’ products for kids.

Gungroo Software has developed fun and safe app for kids like My Sketch Roo, a sketching app for iPad & iPhone and Roo Kids, a safe & fun instant messaging app for kids with minimum yet critical parental controls.

Gungroo is a privately held, angel funded company, headquartered in Bangalore, India. For more information please visit www.gungroo.com/about.

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The Team

Dinker Charak at Gungroo

Dinker Charak

Founder · CEO

Dinker Charak founder of Gungroo has a very diverse background. Before founding Gungroo, he led the Product Management team in shaping the product strategy and defining the roadmap for the Jivox platform. He was also responsible for establishing and driving strategic partnerships, managing operations, and ensuring the successful execution of hundreds of campaigns on the Jivox premium video network. Before Jivox he was at Wind River (acquired by Intel), where he lead a globally distributed team of engineers responsible for implementing key functionality in Wind River’s Device Management product line, and managed critical customer relationships in the Asia region. Earlier in his career he worked at Fermilab, a US DoE lab that conducts basic research into particle physics using the 5-mile circumference particle accelerator called Tevatron. At Fermilab, Dinker worked on Control Systems for Tevatron and Data Aquisition for CDF, DZero and Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Through US-CMS, he has also contributed towards LHC at CERN. Prior to that, Dinker did some consulting work at Foxboro/Invensys. Dinker has done Master in Computer Application from International Institute of Professional Studies, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, India.

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Sanjay Kumar at Gungroo

Sanjay Kumar

Senior Developer, Backend Engineering





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Wairok Makunga at Gungroo

Wairok P Makunga

Manager, User Growth





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The Advisors

Chitra Goel at Gungroo

Chitra Goel

Vice Principal and Physics Teacher (Retired)

Chitra Goel has around 40 years of experience in teaching physics to students from economically backward strata with high degree of success and has participated in various efforts to improve Physics education in State of Delhi, India. Highly recognized for her expertise, she was awarded the Delhi State’s prestigious Award for Excellence in Education in 2008 for her efforts. Chitra has done her Master in Science (Physics) from Delhi University, Delhi, India. She has also done her Master in Education from Delhi University, Delhi, India.

Chitra Goel at Gungroo

Priyanka Maurya at Gungroo

Priyanka Maurya

Child Psychologist

Priyanka Maurya has around three years of experience in working with children via workshops, training programs, story telling and using various technology tools. She has also been actively involved in counseling children. Priyanka has done her Master in Psychology from Bangalore University, Karnataka, India.

Priyanka Maurya at Gungroo